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Boom Beach Mod APK Strategy Guide For The Win…

Boom Beach is among the biggest mobile games out there, check out our Boom Beach mod apk and tricks below.

It is likely that that means you’re likely hooked by now and you’ve given Boom Beach a try– if you’re a mobile gamer. In the game you play with an army of soldiers trying to infiltrate a beautiful tropical archipelago on it already with various armies. Rally your troops to conquer the other islanders, get greater shields, and the objective is to build your bases up.

It’s even and a terrifically addictive game almost annually and a half after its initial release it tops the various App Store and Google Play charts. Whether you’re a long time player or a Boom Beach newcomer, we’ve come up with an inventory of the top Boom Beach mod apk and tricks you have to know.

Start by upgrading saw mills as fast as you can…

Wood is the base stuff, although in Boom Beach you’ll be able to use any number of substances to assemble and upgrade your defenses. You can’t stone or use iron to improve your defenses. Since sawmills are the only place you are able to get wood (by mining trees), it’s best to have as many saw mills–and upgrade them as quick–as potential. It may be tempting to use your diamonds (Boom Beach’s in-app currency) to upgrade other matters, but remember if you don’t have wood, you don’t have defenses. Before you cease save support and important upgrades for later.

While playing with Boom Beach upgrades can be applied by you anytime to your own troops, bases, and defenses. However, you can just apply one upgrade at a time. According to the upgrade it can take several minutes or even hours. Meaning when you anticipate playing during your current session for a while it’s finest to only perform small upgrades during gameplay. Save the huge upgrades for right while you were catching some Zs in the real world because even when you leave the game the upgrading will progress That means in the morning your important upgrade will be complete before you quit the game for the evening.

Don’t worry about taking out a base’s defenses–go for its heart…

That may function well some of the time, but if you might have the option, entirely bypass a base artillery and go for the heart first– its main camp. You can stop the base from building any more artillery if you’re able to take out the camp. Sign up for the camp first, then worry about the guns.

Don’t blow to many Boom Beach diamonds on buildings…

Love it or loathe it, Boom Beach mod apk functions on the freemium version–the game is free to download and play, but the programmers make their money by selling in-app purchases in the form of in-game currency (diamonds). Using these diamonds base defenses, artillery and more can level up. You may also use diamonds to increase the full time it takes to complete a construction. While this may be tempting, don’t do it–you’re merely wasting valuable in-game money as a way to shave 20 minutes off constructing a turret.

Get those radars upward!

While never as cool as killer artillery or larger bases, it’s significant you upgrade them as quickly as possible and construct radars. Why? Because radars make it possible for you to explore islands that are further out–and upgrading radars enable you to explore even further. And those far away islands usually have the greatest treasures.

Don’t worry about arranging your base now…

Unlike most strategy games, Beach Boom mod apk gives you the ability to rearrange your base after you’ve built it up. As more land becomes available this means, and you build more structures you can go back and actually fine tune your citadel. Lots of players don’t know this, but they should: rearranging your foundations can definitely help consolidate your defenses and help you to stay safe from attack.

Be sure to build up your residences!

When building up your armies it can be really tempting to focus on troops and defenses, but don’t forget to build up residences in Boom Beach. Why? Because residences are one of the few ways in which you can earn coins in your own island. And since coins accrue even when you’re not playing the game, it’s like bringing in free (virtual) money for doing nothing.

mod boom beach