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Dominate Boom Beach with free diamonds and other tips and tricks!

When you decide to dive right into one of the most popular mobile video games in human history, Boom Beach, you are going to have to square off against Blackguards (computer players) that are quite literally out for digital blood as well as digital armies and invaders led by other players connecting with you from all corners of the globe.

And while that certainly sounds like a lot of fun at first, once you realize that almost all of the players that have stuck around since of the original release of Boom Beach have gotten very (VERY) good at crushing their enemies completely – and wiping new players like you write off the face of this digital battlefield with no real effort whatsoever – you’ll realize that not everything is sunshine and roses when it comes to Boom Beach.

But with our free Boom Beach diamonds cheats as well as a handful of other tips and tricks we are going to share with you below you won’t ever have to worry about losing ever again when you play this mobile game.

You’ll be able to dominate right out of the gate with zero extra effort, and you’ll be able to quickly climb global leader boards and get your name permanently attached to record scores all by using these free Boom Beach cheats and tips.

Ready to dive right in?


Let’s get right into it!

Getting your hands on his many free Boom Beach diamonds as possible is mission objective number one…

New players to Boom Beach are going to find that there are literally and endless amount of options for them to pursue when they first land in this digital world.

However, once you get a little bit more experience under your belt you are going to realize that it is absolutely critical that you make all the right moves in your initial few hours in Boom Beach if you are going to have any chance to win – and that means getting your hands on the largest supply of resources you can gather.

Of all the different resources you’ll need to have to unleash total war against your enemies in Boom Beach, diamonds are the best of the best. But they also cost real world money or require you to put in an almost impossible amount of time in the game.

Unlocking powerful resources, new heroes, unit upgrades, and a host of other benefits, with free Boom Beach diamonds you will be able to unleash your army against your enemies – and invade any other Boom Beach island that you can like – without ever having to worry about losing ever again.

You will become the unstoppable force in this game that you’ve always dreamed of becoming, and it doesn’t get any better than that!

Upgrade and reinforce EVERYTHING before you shutdown…

Another tip you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind (and something you’ll be able to do with unlimited free Boom Beach diamonds) is the importance of upgrading all of your armies, all of your units, and all of your defenses before you log off of this game so that you are at full capacity when you jump right back in later down the line.

You also want to reinforce all of your structures, build as many defensive units as possible, and empower your army to defend you against all attacks while you are in to actively playing – something that becomes effortless with the right amount of free Boom Beach diamonds.

Get your sawmills to the highest level possible ASAP…

Finally, you want to use as many of your free Boom Beach diamonds as possible to upgrade all of your sawmills so that you are able to produce wood for EVERYTHING that your army will rely on from here on out.

Literally every single one of the structures that you build in Boom Beach are going to require wood as a construction material. With your sawmills completely upgraded to the highest possible level you’ll be able to increase your production rate, and that means that you’ll always have access to an unlimited supply of resources to really build something special.

You could certainly choose to upgrade your sawmills the slow way (just organically hoping that you will eventually come across enough resources to push upgrades every once in a while), but with free Boom Beach diamonds you’ll be able to upgrade all of your sawmills at the exact same time in your first few moves in the game – and that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

At the end of the day, you can really have a lot of fun playing Boom Beach if you aren’t at the mercy of veteran players. Armed with the inside mission above and the ability to unlock as many free Boom Beach diamonds as possible you really can become an unstoppable force in this mobile game!

free boom beach diamonds