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Boom Beach Unlimited Diamonds:  A Look At The Freemium Model And Cheating…

Boom Beach is a popular game released by the same gaming company as the one that produced Clash of Clans.  A well put together game, Supercell has done it again by creating a fun and engaging world that will keep you coming back.  Building a base, defending what is yours, expanding, and taking on anyone who dare face you, Boom Beach provides all the best aspects of Clash of Clans along with new ideas.  Providing the game designers a chance to polish their ideas and come up with new ways to entertain and challenge their players, Boom Beach is definitely worth a look.

However, as more and more people get into the game, a sour odor becomes more noticeable.  What are we talking about?  Simply put, the freemium model for Boom Beach creates a problem that is not easily solved.  Let’s get to the heart o this problem and see what people are doing about it.  In particular, we will look at Boom Beach unlimited diamonds, and why some people cheat while others purchase in game fairly.  Let’s begin!

How Does Freemium Work?

Boom Beach is a game based around acquiring and spending resources on things.  Whatever you spend resources on, expect it to take some time.  While wood, stone, iron, and gold can all be found in game to varying degrees, it is the cherished diamond that is most rare and sought after. 

Rarely appearing in the game itself, the diamond can help to increase building time, giving those who get it the opportunity to speed up how long construction takes.  As construction can take some time, having diamonds can give you a clear advantage over your opponents.  While diamonds may rarely appear in the game normally, you can spend money to purchase them.  This is the primary way that Supercell makes money off of its game.  Offering the game for free, it is these micro purchases that ultimately make the company money.

Working With Freemium…

Many people are perfectly ok with the idea of spending cash for Boom Beach Unlimited diamonds to speed things up.  It makes the company money, and is a great way to show support for a game you love.  It also gives you an advantage in game, allowing you to progress faster.  There is no cap on the amount you can spend, meaning that you are only limited by the amount of money you have to spend.

People also prefer Freemium because the alternative is not worth it to them.  Many people do not like the idea of cheating in a game, and will hold back from doing it even if it is easy.  Along with it being morally wrong, people also don’t want to get caught.  Getting caught cheating can result in losing your account and being banned from playing.  With hundreds of hours put into the game, the amount players have to lose is far greater than what they would gain by cheating Boom Beach Unlimited diamonds into the game.  So, the players will ultimately work with the freemium model instead of working against it.

Working Against Freemium…

Working against freemium means finding ways around the pay method without giving up the advantages that those who pay will have.  Many people who cheat are fed up with seeing their strategy and skill over shadowed by a less experienced player who is capable of spending far more money on the game.  Becoming a game of who can put the most amount of money in first, many people will lose interest in the game because of this.

What cheating allows is for people to get Boom Beach Unlimited diamonds that will help them stay competitive.  The diamonds are put into the game through a hack that makes use of vulnerabilities in how the client and server interact with one another.  Adding them over time, many people have successfully used hacks to even the odds without the game creators realizing.  At the same time, there is always the risk of being discovered.

Finding What Is Right For You…

If you do not see yourself as a cheater or don’t want to interfere with how the game is designed, then you will work within the freemium system as you play.  Many people are more than happy to do this and will never experience someone abusing the purchasing option to win despite skill. 

However, there are those who do not want to spend the money and are fed up with less experienced players always coming out on top.  With that in mind, Boom Beach hacks make it possible for them to even the odds and bring the game back to a fair footing.  Solidly working against the freemium model, these techniques are banned by the game creators and can lead to your account being banned as well.  Be aware that any risk you take is entirely on you and may result in you losing everything.

boom beach unlimited diamonds