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More Ways To Get Boom Beach Free Diamonds?

Every year, new and interesting games come to the masses.  With thousands of new titles released every year, it can be challenging to figure out what game you should play.  One of the ways to find out is to consider those titles that have gone on to find audiences for months or years at a time.  These jewels in the sand have managed to find something timeless, providing entertainment and interest far longer than other titles.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review Boom Beach free diamonds by Supercell.  A fund and exciting game, it may be just what you are looking for. 

Boom Beach: A Gaming Experience You Won’t Soon Forget…

Boom Beach is a massively multiplier online game.  Focused around real time strategy elements including base defense, attack, and base creation, Boom Beach is built in a large multiplayer universe.  The game itself is set in a large archipelago and the majority of visual themes borrow from an island look.  Being a strategy game, you can choose to attack computer or other players, testing your skill as you gradually develop your base over time.  As you continue to rank up, you can join groups that then consolidate their forces and act as clans. 

You can collect a number of resources as you build your base, including iron, gold, wood, and stone.  In addition, there are diamonds that are available for purchase within the game as well as show up on rare occasion in the game itself.  Fighting against the main computer opponent of Lt. Hammerman who leads the “Black Guard,” it is your job to survive as you gradually improve your strength over time.  An interesting aspect of the game is that you can attack other players in multiplayer mode on the same map. 

The multiplayer aspect of the game is also worth mentioning specifically.  Groups can work together against The Blackguard to gather intel by surviving attacks and going on missions.  This information can then be used to go on Task Force Operations, which have their own goals and rewards associated with play.  Along with working together with other players against the computer, you can work against other players as a team.

A Freemium Game…

Boom Beach is a freemium game.  Like other freemium games on the market, it is free for you to download and play.  A great model for helping people to become engaged with the game, you can access the full game given enough time and energy on your part.  You can also speed up game play by purchasing diamonds through the in game system.  While the initial game will be free, buying diamonds will cost you money. 

Some people say that the freemium model is unfair, because it unfairly puts those willing to spend money at an advantage.  Less skilled and having spent less time playing, a person who buys their way up the ladder may beat other players who are more skilled.  Diamonds are so powerful because they help you speed up almost every aspect of the game (except for submarine dives.)  While some people decide to cheat in order to even the odds, other people just accept it as a fact and play on regardless.  If you really like the game, then it makes sense that you would spend money on it, right?  Where you fall on this debate is up to you.

A Similar Game To…

Wait, There is something about Boom Beach that sounds very familiar.  As you may have guessed (especially if you like Supercell Games) is that Boom Beach is very familiar to their other game, Clash of Clans.  Built around the same base construction and defense/offense model, there are many similarities between the two games.  At the same time, there are some differences that will make Boom Beach worth playing.  One big difference is the aesthetics, which match the atmosphere of the game really well.  There is also the gameplay itself that while familiar is dramatically different with Boom Beach.  In the end, if you like Clash of Clans, you will no doubt love Boom Beach free diamonds.

Why Do People Struggle To Get Boom Beach Free Diamonds?

Good question.  People have above average views of the game.  Metacritic provided an aggregated score of 69/100 while IGN provided a score of 7/10.  A fun game, it is not as revolutionary or ground breaking as Clash of Clans.  At the same time, it doesn’t really have to be in order to be successful.  With millions of people playing Clash of Clans, there is enough interest to ensure that Boom Beach reaches its target audience.  This can be seen in its sales numbers, where upon launch it was the top game downloaded in 10 of the 22 countries where it was sold. 

Should I Get This Game?

In the end, you should strongly consider getting this game, especially if you like real time strategy games with a multiplayer component.  Available on most portable devices, you can download the game and start playing in less than 5 minutes.

boom beach free diamonds